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with Camu Camu

Exfoliates, hydrates, antioxidant.

This gentle and exquisitely formulated creamy exfoliant provides optimal results. Its Almond Shells remove dry devitalized skin while the blend of organic Shea Butter with Almond Oil hydrates, soothes and calms the skin. Camu Camu contains naturally occurring antioxidants and natural Vitamin C which boost the anti-ageing action of the product, revealing an immediately luminous skin. Naturally scented with refreshing Litsea fruit Oil to enhance the experience. Suitable for all skin types.
50 ml  /  1,69 fl.oz.






Detoxifies, nourishes and protects.

A natural facial mask with a delicious light and fluffy gourmet texture for an authentic skin-food experience. Proteins from Quinoa deeply nourish and protect the skin whilst minerals from White Clay detoxify and absorb impurities. Infused with Aloe Vera and Lavender oil to calm and with Grapefruit oil to purify, refresh and revitalize the skin. Also stimulates blood circulation. The result is an immediate radiant complexion. Suitable for all skin types.
50 ml  /  1,69 fl.oz.


with Camu Camu

Antioxidant, firming, brightening.

Tiny bottle, BIG Vitamin C content! This easy to carry antioxidant Serum is the perfect treatment when the skin needs a little extra boost of natural radiance, due to its high concentration of Vitamin C from the Camu Camu. It brings an immediate lifting effect that attenuates signs of fatigue, providing firmness, brightness and smoothness to the skin, blurring fine lines. Its light texture deeply penetrates the skin to stimulate the production of collagen and promote skin elasticity. It is easily absorbed by the skin, leaving it soft and supple. Ideal for tired skin, to add energy and vitality at any time of the day.  Fragance-free formula.
3 ml

with Golden berry

Vitamin A, C & E concentrated.

This is the ultimate natural anti-ageing cream that combines a high concentration of the best antioxidant vitamins which naturally occur in plants. Golden berry fruit provides Vitamin A, Camu Camu fruit provides Vitamin C, Jojoba Oil provides Vitamin E and Grape Oil provides Polyphenols. Exclusively formulated to make them all work together and give a potent anti-ageing action, not only to act against oxidative processes of cells but also to prevent them. Infused with Hyaluronic Acid to fill wrinkles and deeply hydrate the skin. Indicated specially for mature and dry skin.
50 ml  /  1,69 fl.oz.


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