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with Andean Salts from the Sacred Valley

Detoxifies, restores and relaxes.

This therapeutic and relaxing bath salt with Andean Salts
immerses you in a state of total wellness. The pure crystals of
this salt are free of toxins and supply the body with all the
healthy minerals that heal and detoxify. It also stimulates and
balances our vital energy. Ideal to treat muscle pain,
inflammation, dermatitis, and especially to absorb the
electromagnetic energy that we get from the electronic gadgets
of today. Infused with fine herbs of Andean Lemon that
provide a refreshing citrus scent for an immediate physical and
emotional recovery. Recommended use before bedtime.
100 g




with Purple Corn

Antioxidant, detox, stimulating.

A delicious experience to detox the skin. This exclusive body exfoliator delights all the senses from the first touch. It not only purifies the skin but also delivers all of its antioxidant properties thanks to its formula with organic Purple Corn, which also stimulates circulation and reduces ageing caused by free radicals. The skin turns soft and clear with a relaxing scent of essential oil of Chamomile.
120 ml



with Quinoa

Nourishes, regenerates, invigorates.

An intense source of protein for the skin, thanks to the concentration of essential amino acids found in the Quinoa. Deeply nourishes the skin in a long-lasting way,
strengthening and feeding the skin's cells. Also heals any deep, damaged tissue. An immediate sensation of hydration and vitality, with a relaxing fresh and fruity aroma of
Andean Palo Santo essential oil.
120 ml



with Sacha Inchi

Regenerates, hydrates and calms.

We like to call it “the healer” because that's what it does.
The Amazonian organic Sacha Inchi Oil is one of the newly
discovered ancient cures, which carries a single
concentration and combination of Omegas and Antioxidants.
It is indicated to heal our skin in moments when it seems to
be punished and suffers from dryness causing irritation,
stretch marks, dehydration, aging, as well as inflammations.
It is a truly multifunctional regenerating oil for the face,
body and hair. Formulated with a dry touch (non-greasy) and
a pleasant feel. It is absorbed immediately, leaving the skin
recovered, calmed, hydrated and supple. For a very natural
experience and the best results, it keeps its authentic green
aroma 100% botanical, that transports us to the exotic
Amazonian rainforest.
30 ml

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